Airport board rescinds earlier vote

By Lia

At a meeting Monday, members of the Charleston County Aviation Authority unanimously reversed a vote taken earlier this month that gave State Rep. Chip Limehouse, who is chairman of the board, the authority to oversee the director.

Executive Director Sue Stevens will go back to answering the entire board.

Following the Sept. 4 initial vote, Limehouse was scrutinized. Some argued that the vote was illegal because was not part of the original agenda and that it gave him too much power.

In a letter to board members Friday, Limehouse asked the board to take back the decision. He said he didn't ask for the vote to be to be overturned to win approval prior to Thursday's election and that he would like to continue as chairman.

"It became more of a distraction than it was worth," Limehouse said.

Limehouse touted the airport's success during his two years.

"This has been the most successful two years with Jet Blue, Southwest, the $150 million expansion," he said. "The airport is on fire and the region is on fire."

Board members at Monday's meeting also accepted an $8 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration to help pay for expansion of the airport ramp, or apron.

They also reported the airport traffic has gone up by 30 percent and that construction for the $150 million expansion will begin in November.