Albanian charged with killing airmen, including one from South Carolina, confesses

FRANKFURT, GERMANY (WCIV)-- The man charged with gunning down U.S. troops at the Frankfurt airport on March 2nd has admitted to the killings.

The 21-year-old Kosovo Albanian says he killed two U.S. airmen and wounded two others, but insists he doesn't understand why he committed the crime.

As his murder trial began Wednesday, Arid Uka said he had become increasingly radicalized by jihad videos online before the shooting. He claims that a video he saw portraying American soldiers raping a Muslim girl made him want to stop U.S. troops from entering Afghanistan. The video turned out to be a Hollywood anti-war film.

25-year-old Airman Nicholas Alden of Williamston, South Carolina and Airman First Class Zachary Cuddeback were shot and killed as they were on their way to Afghanistan from Frankfurt.