Alcohol ban extended on Folly Beach

File Photo (WCIV)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- The temporary booze ban was supposed to end September 10 but now it will be next year before you can legally crack open a cold one on the beach.Folly town council voted 4-2 to extend the ban which will now stand through December 31. The ban makes open containers of alcohol illegal on the beach as well as the streets of Folly Beach and on all public property.On Tuesday, September 11 the council is scheduled to vote on a permanent ban.

On the July 4th holiday, the beach saw large crowds and beach parties including crowds that left behind trash and even started a riot in which law enforcement officers were injured.

A total of 16 tickets were issued that day after a crowd got out of control and assaulted police officers.

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