All they left were two empty holes in the sand

FOLLY BEACH, S. C. (WCIV) - According to the Department of Natural Resources, poachers raided two Loggerhead turtle nests on Folly Beach last month, leaving nothing behind but two empty holes.

More than 200 turtle eggs were stolen from two different nests on the beach. DNR is investigating the case.

The nests were on the beach near Ninth Street and Sixth Street. Organizers with the Folly Turtle Watch Program say they had not even had a chance to mark off the area of one of the nests.

Members of the watch program say they saw footprints around one nest, and it appeared that someone had taken a shovel to the nest.

Loggerheads are an endangered species, and disturbing their nests is a felony that carries a maximum $25,000 fine.

Shannon Teders, Co-leader of the Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program, said she has no idea why anyone would steal the Loggerhead eggs. She says some people eat the turtle eggs, but they are most often taken and sold on the black market.