Almost 20 batteries stolen from businesses' vehicles

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Nearly 20 truck batteries were stolen from three different businesses in a rash of burglaries. One business owner says it's a whole lot of work for very little reward.

It will cost the Habitat For Humanity ReStore about $400 to replace the batteries, but they will end up spending much more than that for a new surveillance system.

"It's just really disappointing that somebody would come to a non-profit that's trying to help people build homes and start a new life and they've come out here and stolen truck batteries," said Hanna Reed, the manager at the ReStore.

According to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, the Habitat store is one of three victims of a battery thief.

"they came in and knew exactly what they were doing. They removed them very politely. They didn't cut anything which was very nice because that would have been a whole other expense that we would have had to incur," she said.

The police report states four batteries were stolen from Habitat, one was stolen from Possoms Landscape and 16 were stolen from Wando Trucking.

Reed says they plan to install a surveillance system that could cost them an additional $500.

Battery theft could be a growing trend. In North Charleston, $2,400 worth of batteries were stolen from buses over the weekend.

A trucker says salvaged batteries could fetch as much as $5 per battery core.

"It's still money out of your pocket, it's time to re-install them and it happens at the worst possible time because you go out to start your vehicle and expected to start and it doesn't and it's right when you need it the most," said the truck driver.

Mount Pleasant police did not say if they truck battery thefts are connected to the bus battery thefts from the weekend.