Alternative Spring Breakers clean up storm damage in Lincolnville

By Ava Wilhite

LINCOLNVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) {}Clean-up from February's ice storm continues in the Lowcountry weeks after power was restored to hundreds of thousands. An alternative spring break program is making a difference in Charleston County.

They're picking up rakes, carrying trash bags and bending branches.

"A thousand people, that's about one-tenth of our school, Boston College," said volunteer Arthur Newbould.

In the small town of Lincolnville, 14 volunteers are taking a break from the books.

"We have something we call the BC bubble. When your on campus there's nothing else in the world," Ingrid Marquardt, a sophomore. {}{}

Stepping out the bubble will require using lots of muscle.

"Because of the storms, the ice, everything and all the tree damage, that came with that. We've just had tree limbs and stuff all over the place," said town zoning administrator Jeffrey Heckman.

He says this is the 12th year students from Appalachian Volunteers have returned to meet the needs of the small town.

"Showing this level of servant leadership is phenomenal, I welcome it," said Heckman. {}

Site leader Emma Baird says she loves serving a different community than her New England home.{}

"There are people saying, 'What are you doing here? What's going on?' And they loving hearing that we are doing a town clean-up, and they are really appreciative especially because of the ice storm a few weeks ago," said Baird.

She says Lincolnville is one of 30 sites along the East Coast to host student volunteer each Spring Break. The town is planning a dinner for the volunteers on Thursday at 6p.m. at the fire station.{}