An outline for your busy voting day with local elections all across the tri-county area

Tim Scott casts his ballot (Stefanie Bainum/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's a punch on primary election day as voters head out to mark their ballots in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties.In Berkeley County there's a hot race for sheriff. Brian Adams, Wayne Dewitt, and Matt Smoak are all up for the top cop position.There's also a Berkeley County Clerk of Court race between Mary Brown and Leah Dupree plus a County Supervisor run between Jerry Beckley, Dan Davis, and William Peagler.In Charleston County the State House Representative race between Russell Guerard and Chip Limehouse for District 110 and Chris Cannon and Ken Fipps for District 119 are up for grabs.State Representative Chip Limehouse was all smiles as he cast his vote at Buist Academy Tuesday, despite being sued by one of his opponents for slander. Russell Guerard claims Limehouse fabricated information about his voting record in several direct mail pieces sent to voters.Limehouse denied the accusations, saying his record on managing growth and improving transportation in the Lowcountry speak for themselves. "I feel very confident and hopeful today," Limehouse said. "We campaigned hard on the issues. I look forward to a big turnout we hope and we hope for a victory today."Limehouse says he will travel to Mount Pleasant and downtown throughout the way making those last minute campaign pitches to voters.Heading to the the border of Charleston and Dorchester counties, the State House Representative race for District 94 is between Evan Guthrie, Jenny Horne,{} and Franklin Smith.As we make our way to Dorchester County District 98's Statehouse Representative race, we see Larry Hargett's name up against Chris Murphy.As for referendums this year, different questions will be asked whether you fill out a Democratic or Republican primary ballot.For the Republican primary ballot, a question pertains to language on rights of the unborn as stated in the South Carolina Constitution. The second question asks your opinion on reducing the rate of taxation for state income tax imposed on individuals, estates, and trusts.For the Democratic primary ballot, referendums include two questions on the state's gaming laws and a question on whether medical marijuana should be legalized for use in the state in cases of severe, chronic illnesses when documented by a physician.We also have our eye on several statewide races. Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham is facing a long list of opponents in the GOP primary. The list includes attorney Det Bowers, State Senator Lee Bright, and Pastor Richard Cash. Also on the ballot will be attorneys Bill Connor, Benjamin Dunn and Charleston businesswoman Nancy Mace. There are two candidates on the Democrat's side of the race. They are State Senator Brad Hutto and businessman Jay Stamper. Republican Senator Tim Scott will face Republican Randall Young to fill the rest of Jim Demint's unexpired term. Governor Haley appointed Scott to the Senate when Demint resigned in 2012."Being appointed is a wonderful thing, I thank God for that process but winning the confidence of the voter is the key today," Scott said. "That path, that process starts today. I look forward to engaging in enough folks to win today and that after today is secure, we will work towards November."Three Democrats are also on the ballot. They are Joyce Dickerson, Sidney Moore and Harry Pavilack The race with the most candidates is the one for State Superintendent of Education with 12 candidates in all including eight Republicans.
  • Sally Atwater
  • Gary Burgess
  • Meka Childs
  • Amy Cofield
  • Sheri Few
  • Don Jordan
  • Elizabeth Moffly
  • Molly Spearman
  • Montrio Belton
  • Sheila Gallagher
  • Jerry Govan
  • Tom Thompson
One of those 12 will replace Superintendent Mick Zais who has held the position since 2011.Voters will need an approved form of photo I.D. to vote. It can be your driver's license, DMV issued I.D. card, state voter registration card with photo, a military I.D. or a U.S. passport.Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.