Unwelcome guests: Woman finds bank robbery suspects on porch

By Stacy

RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) -- Allie Rogers uses words like "crazy" and "surreal" to describe her Tuesday morning.

She said two men came by her secluded Dorchester County home around 8:30 a.m. and asked her husband if they could use the phone.

"One said, 'I got a broken leg and a broken arm and we need to go to the hospital,'" she said.

The men were injured and she assumed they had gotten in a bar fight. Her husband called them a cab, per their request. She didn't think much of it, but she said her husband did.

"He had his pistol in his pocket. He said, 'Oh I just don't feel right,'" she said.

The two men took their seats on her front porch. Rogers said they were calm. She even offered them drinks and served them Mountain Dews. She went back to her chores inside.

Next, Rogers said she checked her phone. She had a message from last night from a friend saying bank robbery suspects were in her neighborhood. That was when she checked the surveillance pictures online.

"I'm looking out the window, trying to see what they're wearing. It was them alright," she said.

She took a picture of one of the suspect's shoes. That's what she said helped her identify them as suspects in a bank robbery and car chase that occurred Monday evening.

Then, she called 911

"I told 911, 'They're waiting on a cab. A cab is on their way. So if you're not here in the next 30 minutes they're gone. And I'm not stopping them!' Rogers said.

She said deputies came 20 minutes later. The two men, Ronald Lance and Tyrone Ellison, did not resist arrest. She said they immediately laid down on her porch.

After that, Rogers had another surprise; this time from police.

"They said 'No, they were under your house. We found money under there.' I did see them count the money on the porch later, the officers. I don't know how much it was but [it] seemed like a good wad of it they were counting," Rogers said.

After police left with the suspects, the cab driver still came. When he asked where the men were, she told them they'd found "another mode of transportation."

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