Andrea to test Georgetown's drainage system

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) - The Tropical storm will be the first big test for the city of Georgetown's drainage system that completed several months ago.

Mayor Jack Scoville says the city has seen the completed project work before with small rainfall, but nothing like what could potentially hit the coastal area.

"This poses a serious challenge," he said. "Hopefully it does what it's designed to do, which to move that water away from the low areas down away from City Hall."

Georgetown County Emergency Management Manager, Sam Hodge, says staff also hopes the project will pay off.

"The ground is well saturated in Georgetown and our biggest fear is with additional rainfall that is projected that we could have flooding in areas all across the county."

He says areas around City Hall have always been problematic with severe storms. Since the new system, he says there should be less to worry about after seeing how it has performed recently.

"We had some rain a few weeks ago and the project worked really well. So this will be the real test to see exactly how well the project is going to pay off for us."

Georgetown Emergency Management says two Hurricane preparedness workshops scheduled for this week have been postponed due to Tropical Storm Andrea.

A workshop at North Santee Community Center, 1484 Mt. Zion Ave., Georgetown, will now take place June 24. A workshop at Plantersville Community Center, 1458 Exodus Dr., Georgetown, will be June 25. Both workshops will begin at 6 p.m. and last about an hour.