Man arrested, charged in shooting death of Andrews woman

Yvonne Holmes (provided)

By Stacy

ANDREWS, S.C. (WCIV) - Andrews Police{}Department{}officials said{}a man was arrested and charged with murder after an{}Andrews woman was{}found shot to death in her apartment.

Coroner Kenny Johnson said Yvonne Holmes, 31,{}died after she had been shot several times late Tuesday.

Interim Police Chief Verney Cumbee said Carnell Kennedy was arrested on Touesday, but was not charged until{}police and State Law Enforcement Division officers{}finished investigating the shooting.

Kennedy has been charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Kennedy's mother Lizzie Kennedy visited Holmes's family members Wednesday. She hugged her aunt Rachel Wright and said "God bless you." Wright{}apologized to Holmes's family.

"I just can't understand," Wright said.

"My son took this lady's daughter. That's why I'm here," Lizzie Kennedy said.

Crime scene tape still hung over the apartment where officials say Carnell Kennedy shot Holmes. Lizzie Kennedy said her son had been living there since August.

"Only thing I can tell you is those two were in love," Lizzie Kennedy said.

Friends and family said Holmes was a good mother to her son, 10.

"She was a good niece. No problems. She was a good provider for her kid," Wright said.

Family, friends and neighbors said they never knew about problems between them or heard noises coming from the apartment.

Philip Mikel, 10, said he is friends with Holmes's{}son. He said he spent a lot of time at their apartment with Kennedy.

"He never used to yell or anything at us," Philip said.

But Kennedy's mother said he has a criminal past. According to a SLED background check, his record includes a charge of assault and battery with the intent to kill in 2002. His mother said she told him then, if he ever did anything else, she wouldn't stand behind him.

"I love this family. I love the little boy. I loved Yvonne. Yvonne never did nothing to me. What happen to my son, what clicked in his mind, god only knows," Lizzie Kennedy said.

Wright also said Kennedy shot Holmes in the eye.

An autopsy was scheduled for{}late Wednesday morning at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.