Animal Society will save lives with green t-shirt sales

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) St. Patrick's Day has gone to the dogs in North Charleston. Dogs of all shapes and sizes sported green in hopes of raising more green for the Charleston Animal Society.{}

"We need to raise money everyday. We need to raise money to be able to save as many lives as we do," said Kay Hyman, Charleston Animal Society's director of marketing.

This St. Patrick's Day, the society brought back their popular 'Lick me, I'm Irish' T-shirts. The festive green shirts had people lined up to make a purchase. The money raised will go directly to animals with expensive needs.

"Toby's Fund is our injured animals fund and when people hear that they are willing to fork over $15 for a really cool shirt, because they know that the money is going to a great cause," said Hyman. "Last year we spent $500,000 treating the injured and homeless animals just for medical needs and that includes broken legs, heartworm treatment -- so many things that we do everyday."

Hyman expects this batch of T-shirts{}to sell out just like last year.

While dogs outside enjoyed the sunshine, dogs at the Society were awaiting new homes. A special St. Paddy's Day adoption price of $17 for adult cats and dogs had future pet owners flocking to the shelter.

{}"So far we've done 59 adoptions since Wednesday," said Amber Symley.

Symley said the spring months can be hard for the adult dogs and cats because it's the season for puppies and kittens.

"We've done really good. If I have to estimate, I'd say we've had about 50 to 100 people just walking through," said Symley.

Symley said the society takes in about 12,000 animals a year.