Anniversary of sinking of Hunley submarine marked

SULLIVANS ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - The 149th anniversary of the sinking of the first submarine to sink an enemy warship is being commemorated.

Sunday marks the anniversary of the H.L. Hunley's mission against the federal blockade ship Housatonic off Charleston.

The Hunley sank the Union ship but neither the sub nor its eight-man crew returned. The sub was raised off the coast almost 13 years ago and is in a conservation lab in North Charleston.

Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell speaks at a ceremony Sunday at Sunrise Presbyterian Church on Breach Inlet where the Hunley began its mission. Afterward, there's a procession to the inlet where there will be infantry and artillery salutes.

Both the crew of the Hunley and the five Houstonic crewmen who died are being honored.

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