Apple fans say the new iPhone is worth the wait

Marcos and company celebrate being 1st in line (Alan Garmendia/WCIV)

By Alan

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- It's become a yearly tradition for some, but a new experience for others. Every time Apple releases its latest product, fans who don't want to wait a second longer than they have to line up at stores and camp out overnight.

They gathered at the Apple Store on King Street in downtown Charleston to be among the first to buy the iPhone 5, which officially went on sale Friday.

The first person to line up was Marcos Galofre, a student at the Art Institute of Charleston. A native of Barcelona, Spain, Marcos says he has camped out for Apple releases in the past, but has never been first in line until now.

"To get here first we got here at 12 o'clock, (noon on Thursday), so I've been here chilling with a tent and a couple of chairs," he said. "Everybody is supporting us, cheering us and it's just been an amazing time."

Anthony Cargile, a local engineer, said it was a matter of necessity to line up the night before. He was getting his iPhone for work.

"For me, as a developer, it's important to get a new iPhone as soon as possible so I can test apps for different companies I develop for," he said.

And while he could have just as easily preordered and waited a couple of weeks for it to ship, Cargile says "the waiting period doesn't really allow me to tackle Apps for iOS6 on the old hardware versus the new hardware."

Speaking of hardware, critics say the biggest drawback of the iPhone 5 is the redesigned connector dock where you plug in a charger or other accessories. It is not compatible with previous editions of the iPhone, so consumers will have to spend more money to either replace their old accessories outright or buy an adapter to continue using their current equipment.

Cargile says that the change is worth it.

"With the old 30-pin connector, it had its limitations. They had to take FireWire out of it; there were a lot of engineering and design issues going on with it, and it had to happen sooner or later. So it's actually a good thing they changed to the new dock connector."

Sarah Mackey is a College of Charleston student who's done plenty of Black Friday shopping, but has never waited in line overnight to buy a phone.

"My mom was going to preorder it for my birthday, but then she ended up not trying to get it until the day after (preorders went on sale) and it was already on back order for five weeks," she said.

"I was like 'I'll just go to the store, I'll get it, I'll camp out, it will be fun' and that's what ended up happening."

No matter their reason for being there, everyone in this group enjoyed the final moments of anticipation, awaiting the doors to be opened.