Apple fans take to the streets for their newest toy

(Source: Stefanie Bainum/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- No matter the state of the economy, it seems there's always people ready to buy that latest gadget. Friday morning was no different!A line formed downtown outside the Apple store where people have been waiting all morning. Some devoted fans camped out overnight on King Street to get their hands on the newest Apple device, the iPhone 5S.

One Apple enthusiast paid a College of Charleston student $75 to hold a place in line so he would be ensured a new phone but not lose any sleep.

Lisa Hoffman gave her Louis Vuitton handbag -- that she says was worth $2,000 -- to two people who were third in line for their spot. She said she's hoping to keep the legacy of Steve Jobs alive by continuing to keep up with the latest Apple products.

Some of the new Apple fans may have a good reason for worrying whether they'll be able to get the latest iPhone.Tech experts say that the stock of the new iPhone 5S will be limited when the device launches Friday. The 5S goes on sale in 11 countries, including the United States, Canada, China,Australia, and Japan.In China, people could pre-order the device starting on Tuesday, news outlets report the gold models are already sold-out -- before it's even available for sale.Gold and silver models will be harder to get, potentially leaving the gray models on shelves.The new iPhone 5S features a new faster processor, a better flash, and a fingerprint sensor that will help you log in.Apple on Wednesday released its newest mobile operating system, the iOS 7 with changes to the interface and the privacy settings.The new phones are getting some good reviews from critics, but they're not causing quite the long frenzied lines here like we've seen in years past.