Aquarium moves 5 sharks into great ocean tank

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The South Carolina Aquarium is gearing up for a new shark exhibit. Shark Shallows is set to open sometime this summer.{}

But while that exhibit is set up, biologists are making room for the new predators.{}

On Wednesday, five sharks were moved from their temporary tanks to the great ocean tank. Biologists in charge of the transfer said the day was extra special because all the sharks came from Lowcountry waters.{}

"We added a sandbar shark, a nurse shark, and three black nose sharks," said senior biologist Arnold Postell. "We can teach people about sharks here in local waters. All sharks we have here on display are right here. In fact, the ones we just put in today I caught in local waters this past summer."

Visitors to the aquarium will now see the new additions swimming around in the largest tank at the facility.{}

And speaking of sharks, OCEARCH has been tracking Genie and Mary Lee off the coast of the Carolinas. For months, Genie was hanging out off the South Carolina coast, but it seems the deep freeze has sent her south.{}

She's almost in Florida currently.{}

Nearby is Katherine, a shark tagged last August by the research agency.