Are you ready to rockthe vote?

By Stefanie

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Ready to rock? The College of Charleston is hosting a 'Rock the Vote' event from noon to 2pm outside the Physicians Auditorium by the Cistern on Thursday afternoon.

"Aside from the importance{}of voting for anybody{}to have your opinions and voices heard, I think especially the college demographic is important because it is their first time," said event organizer, Amanda Ruth McSwain.

"For most of them to able to vote in a major presidential election, to start that habit early, we hope it will continue as a part of their lives to be involved in that process."

Booths will be set up to help students register in South Carolina or their home state as an{}absentee. There will also be a band and free food to attract people to the area.

"I know a lot of students tend to think, oh these issues aren't going to affect me', but they do as we saw early this year with the potential doubling of our rates on financial loans whoever it is, is going to effect students whether we realize it or not," said College of Charleston student, Chris Piedmont.

"Your voice matters whether it's a small portion or not and the choices being made are going to effect us, the next generation, and it's important that every student who is eligible to vote gets out there and makes sure that their voice and their opinion is voiced."

Event organizers say the 'Rock the Vote' voter registration drive is not just limited to students and CofC staff, but is also open to locals in the community who are invited to come by and register for free.

The 'Rock the Vote' event will be held from 12 to 2 p.m. outside the Physicians Auditorium on the College of Charleston campus.

The deadline to register is October 6th. The Presidential election is on November 6th.