U.S. Army Corps prepare the Holy City for hurricane season

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says it's ready for the upcoming hurricane season.

Many think emergency preparedness is primarily a state and local responsibility, but the Army Corps says their agency is crucial in assisting Charleston in pre and post hurricane response.{}

"After a storm we will go back out immediately and look at the facilities, inspect them make sure we know the condition of the facilities and most importantly look at the Port of Charleston," said Lt. Col. Ed Chamberlayne, Commander of the US Army Corps Charleston District.

"We work with the Coast Guard and all the agencies that work with the port and make sure we can open the port as quickly as possible," he said.

Army Corps officials say now is the time to make sure you have your hurricane survival kit and advise that you know your evacuation routes and family plan before a hurricane strikes.

"We have to be prepared for any storm event, even one storm event, whether it's a hurricane, tornados, or any emergency response that we have to be prepared for," Lt. Col. Chamberlayne said. "It takes one event, and if we're not prepared and ready to execute and really take care of the citizens here it really doesn't matter what happens the rest of the year."