Local woman accuses pastor of kidnapping and rape

Dale Richardson speaks at his bond hearing on Friday. (Valencia Wicker/WCIV)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A 20-year old woman stood in the Charleston County Magistrate courtroom weeping, as she listened to the voice of the{}man she says kidnapped and raped her.

The incident took place on Wednesday.

The victim{}told investigators she was walking down Midland Park Road when a white pickup truck pulled up beside her and the driver offered her a ride.

The woman reportedly got into the vehicle. Afterward, she told officers the driver told her she will do what he told her or he will kill her.

"I probably would have never seen my daughter again," said the victim.

Officials say the woman told them the man tied her hands and put a pillow case over her head before driving to an unknown address. The woman told officers she was sexually assaulted after what seemed to be a 30 minute ride.

"He has no emotion. He doesn't even care what he's done," the victim said.

Afterwards, the woman told officers the man drove her to Carolina Commerce Parkway, pointed a gun and told her to walk to a wooded area and not look back.

"He left me in the middle of nowhere to die," said the victim.

On Thursday evening, Dale Richardson was arrested. He was charged with kidnapping and possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

The 46-year-old pastor of Freedom Free Will Baptist Church asked the judge to keep in mind that his record is spotless.

"I've lived in Summerville 46 years and never lived anywhere else. As I said, I don't plan on going anywhere and I have people standing behind me that will vouch for me," said Richardson during his bond hearing.

Magistrate Judge Linda S. Lombard called the alleged act "hideous." She set bond at $525,000 -- $500,000 for kidnapping $25,000 on a weapons charge.

Richardson told Judge Lombard that he plans to defend himself in court.