Bond set for man who caused Friday night shutdown of bridge

Declemente (provided)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- A traffic stop and arrest shut down the Ravenel Bridge again Friday night. It was the second time the bridge was shut down on Friday.{}

According to Charleston police, Phillip Declemente was arrested and charged with threats and intimidation and failure to stop for blue lights. He was also charged with stalking.

Police say the entire ordeal started after a failed traffic stop at Dunbar and North Bridge. The officers did not give chase and police say Declemente drove onto the bridge, called police and gave his location.{}

According to affidavits available in bond court Sunday, Declemente went to the victim's home after sending several text messages saying, "I'm going to find you and take care of you!"{}

A short time later, affidavits show Declemente showed up at the victim's home, banged on the door, and shouted threats. The victim told police he had known Declemente for several years but they were not on friendly terms because of an argument.{}

The victim also said he was fearful for his safety, the affidavits read.{}

The bridge was shut down briefly while police called in a tow truck to move Declemente's car and investigate the situation.

In a 911 call made while Declemente was on the bridge, he told dispatchers there was no one he could trust.{}

"Everybody I turn to in this county nobody will help. {}And it has to stop because I cannot trust a single police officer including SLED and FBI because I've gone to them and they've allowed it to facilitate," he said in the call.

The bridge reopened shortly before midnight.

In bond court Sunday, Declemente's bond for the failure to stop for blue lights charge was set at $50,000; bond for the threats charge was set at $470. A bond was not set for the stalking charge.

The judge also ordered Declemente to undergo a mental health evaluation and treatment within 10 days, and then face another bond hearing for the stalking charge.

This is the second time Declemente has faced police on the Ravenel Bridge. In February of 2012, he threatened to drive his vehicle off the bridge shutting it down in both directions for four hours.