Athlete of the Week: Cleveland Indians' Bobby Ison

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- When Bobby Ison graduated from Stratford High, he chose to stay close to home, to play baseball at Charleston Southern. A big part of that decision was to be close to his then-15-year-old brother Jared.

Jared has Angel Man Syndrome, making muscle discipline difficult. Much of his life is lived through Bobby's experiences on the field.

Bobby Ison's career as a Buc started with even bigger dreams.

"I'm going to do it for him, I'm going to play every game, every out for my little brother. I want to give him a better life. I can honestly do that if I take him with me to the minor leagues, to the pros. That would be a blessing," he said.

That blessing is now a reality. Bobby Ison is now in Arizona with the Cleveland Indians franchise taking his first steps as a professional baseball player.

"All I've been doing is trying to make my dream a reality. I'm getting there one step at a time. I'm just one step up the ladder, I have a couple more steps to go, but it's kind of.. it's kind of a weight feels like it's been lifted off my shoulders finally," he said.

His dad remembers the day they found out his son was going to be playing pro baseball.

"I was sitting right here where I'm sitting now. He was sitting to my left and we had the laptop, we were listening to all the picks as they came across and they said the Cleveland Indians select in the 21st round, Ison, Bobby. I had to wait until I heard Charleston Southern before I was sure it was him, but we just hugged right here, sitting right here where I'm at right now," Bob Ison said.

For Bobby Ison and his family, it was a dream come true, a long shot chased down. It was a moment realized and a moment shared.

Then the newest Cleveland Indian was ready to tell the person for whom he plays, his best friend and brother Jared.

"Hugs. Hugs and kisses. It was awesome. Just the best hugs in the world, holding him tight," Bobby Isonsaidd.

"For us it's a big emotional thing, because Bobby does play for Jared. Jared may not realize it as much as somebody might think, but for us parents, it's a big deal. I mean he's playing for two people," said Bob Ison.

For the Isons, even though only Bobby's name was called, the Indians are getting a two-for-one deal in the draft -- a center fielder and his inspiration.

"It's the most amazing feeling in the world. I'm going to keep writing that J in the dirt, every single at bat. Every single game. It's just awesome," he said.

It's one awesome step in a long journey for the Ison brothers.