Athlete of the Week: CofC's Brandon Murray

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- The College of Charleston starts CAA play on Thursday afternoon in Wilmington. Head coach Monte Lee is a little less stressed than he was a couple weeks ago.

Brandon Murray is back in the lineup just in time for postseason play. Murray is this week's Athlete of the Week.

"I'll sorely miss him when it's over. He's an important player to the program and me. I have a special relationship with Brandon," said Lee.

And he should. Lee has been a coach, a mentor, and family for Murray because, for most of his college career, he played without his own.

"My parents watched three games, that was big time," said Murray.

Baseball for Murray is a true ticket. It's been a ticket to a future career, to education. The diamond has been his home away from home.

"This is home; it's where I've spent most of my adult life. But home is home," he said.

His native Bahamas is in his heart, but the heart of opportunity is in the U.S.Thatt opportunity was halted two months ago, when Murray took a pitch off the arm.

"Doc told me that my arm was broke. My heart sunk. I thought senior year is done, and to go out like that. Thank god I could come back with these guys," Murray said.

They say every setback sets a person up for an even bigger comeback. And did Murray ever prove that on Saturday.

"It was real special. He hadn't seen a live pitch before he stepped in the box and got a 10th inning to punch hit. He was clearedThursdayy, batting practice on Tuesday on Tuesday. He had three days ofswingingg a bat to go 4-for-5," said Lee.

It's a new beginning for Murray, once again. And this Athlete of the Week is hoping to extend his time with the family that's become his own.

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