Athlete of the Week- Mario Gates

HANAHAN- Mario Gates is fast, really fast. Truthfully, there is not much Charlie Patterson has to do besides let him go. "It was hard work, I wasn't fast, you keep training and lifting and you can get there. I also worked on hands and have gotten better" says the WR from Hanahan. He is blazing fast and he's blazing past opponents this year. He's already a track star and now he's proving to be an all around star. "He's really a good athlete. He can run, jump and he catches it well. He's having a real solid year and he's a great young man as well" says Hanahan head coach Charlie Patterson.

Gates believes he's the fastest guy in the lowcountry, he's always been second to a pretty good one. His close friend and former teammte Chris Brown, now playing for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish beat him in the state track championship. "He's like my mentor, even out of football we keep going at it and keep pushing eachother. I thank him for that" says Gates. "Mario is a very god player, Chris Brown is one of the special guys you only get once in a while. Mario has worked his tail off to get where he is at. He does a great job for us" says Patterson. He's now racing for the one accomplishment that Brown wasn't able to catch, a state championship.