Athlete of the Week: Newberry College's Rashard Alston

WASHINGTON (WCIV) -- This week's Athlete of the Week is playing for country. Former Goose Creek standout and current Newberry College fullback Rashard Alston is currently training in Washington, D.C. to play for Team USA.

Football took Alston from Goose Creek to Newberry College. Now it's taking him from the Lowcountry to Kuwait.

"I've never done anything like this, I'm so excited," he said.

He's a member of Team USA, one of 44 players on the U-19 team.

"We play Mexico, Germany, Japan, Kuwait, Australia, about 8 countries," Alston said.

It's the third season for the international team that pulls players from across the country. This year 20 states are represented, but Alston is the only member on the team from the Palmetto State.

"It's a blessing to play football at all, let along on a world stage," he said.

So Alston is ready to play for his team and for his country, but he will no doubt take a little bit of home with him as he heads to the Middle East.

He's excited for the journey and the games with players from across the globe. Such an international man is definitely Athlete of the Week material.

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