Atrium dome approved for airport renovation

Proposed design (provided)

By Michele

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - A light, airy space with a dome is officially in the cards for The Charleston International Airport.

A Charleston County Aviation Authority committee voted Tuesday to place a dome of about 37 feet in diameter over the atrium. It's something Representative Chip Limehouse has been fighting for.

"At the center point of the airport will be the new dome we added. That was something I fought hard for with the committee," Limehouse said. "We're going to redo the floors, we're going to redo the ceilings and we're going to bring light and airy spaces to the airport."

Also part of the $150 million dollar plan, the renovations will include the addition of six more gates and add more food vendors behind the security gate.

"This is more about accommodating the airlines we have," Limehouse said. "With the addition of Southwest, we're busting at the seams out there and need a facility to handle those passengers."

A new lobby will also include some sort of statue, fountain, or gazebo that is open to the public.

The airport saw a 30 percent increase in passenger traffic last year.

"Two and a half million people went through our airport last year and the greater Lowcountry is on the move and we're going to keep up with it here in the Charleston area," Limehouse said.

The renovation work will begin this summer and will be completed in two years.