Attack by 54th Massachusetts unit observed at Fort Moultrie, Morris Island

Photos of 'Storming Fort Wagner' by Louis Kurz And Alexander Allison (John Gaddy/WCIV)

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Wednesday marked the 149th anniversary of the Civil War attack on Battery Wagner.The battle happened right out on Morris Island and was portrayed in the movie "Glory." It was the charge of the 54th{} Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in 1863.The battle lasted for 58 days and the unit out of Boston was made up of freed black soldiers who fought for the Union using only bayonets.Russell Horace has studied and researched this famous piece of history for more than two decades and presented his findings in a program at Fort Moultrie Wednesday afternoon. "I want people to understand why they were called the brave, black regiment," said Horres. "The gallantry that was shown because the people will understand today how formidable battery Wagner was." Horres says one month after the battle, Congress passed an ordinance that said African American soldiers were just as capable as white soldiers allowing them to fight in the war.Re-enactors portraying the unit were also on Morris Island for an observance, although the battery itself has long been washed away.