Attempted murder charges filed against mom after fight with boyfriend

SUMMERVILLE,S.C. (WCIV) - A couple's argument escalated to a stabbing Saturday morning attheir Summerville apartment.

According toa police report, 28-year-old Brandi Nichole Goodman was found at her and herboyfriend's Brookstone Way home trying to stop a stab wound in her boyfriend'schest from bleeding.

When policearrived, the man could only say his name and confirm that Goodman had stabbedhim, the report states. A trail of blood led from a back bedroom through thehome, into the kitchen and then to the living room where the victim was lying.

Goodmanreportedly waived her Miranda rights and told officers that she and herboyfriend were arguing when he hit her in the face several time. She toldofficers that her boyfriend pushed her into a chair and picked up a knife fromthe kitchen, waved it at her and walked into the master bedroom, the reportstates.

Goodman saidshe followed him to get her car keys, but the couple began fighting over theknife. According to the report, Goodman wrestled the knife away from him andthen stabbed him.

The reportstates Goodman called 911 because she did not think they would make it to thehospital given the amount of blood he was losing. Medics arrived and took theman to Medical University Hospital by helicopter.

However,during a discussion with investigators, the responding officers pointed outseveral problems with Goodman's story, including the lack of other cuts thatwould come from a knife fight and Goodman's failure to take her children andleave even though she had at least two opportunities to do so according to herstory.

Police alsosaid the victim had one stab wound to his chest, not a slashing wound asGoodman described to officers, the report states. The knife had also been wipedclean, according to police.

That's whenofficers placed Goodman under arrest and charged with attempted murder.

Goodman hastwo small children, the report states, and one of them is fathered by thevictim. The children were home at the time of the stabbing, police said.

Goodman'ssister took custody of the children, the report states.{}