Former Attorney General Condon weighs in on McCaffrey case

Charlie Condon

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon named Robert McCaffrey a suspect in his wife Gayle's disappearance, a case that has shifted from a missing person case to a homicide. One local attorney says not so fast.

"I respect [Cannon] immensely, but he's announced really that someone has committed the crime of murder," attorney Charlie Condon said. Condon is not involved in the McCaffrey case. "It would be really disturbing if, in fact, that person was factually innocent."

Sheriff Al Cannon said in a press conference Wednesday that there is no evidence that points to anyone else in the case.

"If, in fact, the husband didn't do it, the other person who did in fact do it, can escape detection," Condon said. "There's no focus on that person so it's a two-edge sword."

Though he's called Robert McCaffrey a suspect, Sheriff Canon said he doesn't have enough evidence to arrest him.

"It appears to me that there's not enough evidence for a conviction," Condon said. "They've felt like it would make some sense to take this step in order to generate more evidence. It would make no other sense to do this."

The statement and actions of the Sheriff have Condon puzzled.

"This step is so highly unusual I really can't recall a similar announcement where you've got an American citizen who's been labeled really as somebody who's committed the crime of murder and yet there's no arrest."

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