Attorneys reach accord in Marley Lion evidence

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Limits were assigned Wednesday to the defense team in the Marley Lion murder case, although attorneys will get some of the information they requested.

The hearing Wednesday was supposed to be a follow up regarding the dissemination of materials in the Lion case, but a compromise was reached instead.

Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson filed a motion in December to limit what information the defense could see, citing witness protection and safety. The filing focused on identifying information including names, where witnesses live and photographs and those things will be redacted from the thousands of pages involved in the investigation into Lion's death.

"We are happy with the decision, and actually the decision of the defense council not to fight us on this," Wilson said. "I think we would have prevailed, but the saw the wisdom of what we are doing, the reason the community needs this."

Before the agreement, the defendants were not allowed to possess the pages of their case in the jail. Now they will have access to the information, but some details will be blacked out.

The public defender of the alleged trigger man Ryan Deleston was present at the hearing, but declined to comment beyond acknowledging the agreement.

Wilson said she feels the compromise makes it harder for the information about witnesses to get into the wrong hands.

"Is it impossible? No. But it makes it not easy and it doesn't give them a lay-up or a slam dunk for identifying people who, frankly, don't need to be identified," she said.