Author Maryann McFadden: "The Book Lover"

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV)-- Maryann McFadden appeared on Lowcountry Live to promote her new book, "The Book Lover."

"It is a little bit of my story," McFadden said. "'The Book Lover' is actually a very real look at the world of books."

McFadden's own journey began as a self-published author and came to fruition upon landing a major book deal. McFadden credited independent bookstores for championing her work.

"The Book Lover" chronicles the plight of a struggling bookseller who discovers an unknown author. Their lives weave together.

"They inspire each other against the odds to follow their dreams," McFadden explained.

McFadden said that she aimed to give readers a peek into a world that is often romanticized. She described it as "the magical, often perilous journey a book takes from the moment it begins in a writer's mind until it makes its way onto a bookstore's shelf and into a reader's hands."

McFadden will be signing copies of "The Book Lover" on Wednesday, June 20 at 7pm at Barnes and Noble at Mount Pleasant Towne Centre.