Autistic student stranded at Summerville bus stop

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - It isn't the problem parents expected to deal with during their son's first week of school, but one mother says her special needs child was never picked up from his bus stop until Friday.

"They didn't even contact me to let me know whether the bus would be late or anything. There's no communication from them at all," said Shirley Turner, a Summerville mother who's upset that Durham School Services didn't tell her about transportation troubles for her 12-year-old son.

"I tried to contact the bus service. A couple of times I got a person who transferred me to a voicemail."

For four days last week, she said a school bus never picked up her child in The Bridges neighborhood of Summerville.

"They were telling us the bus would come at 7:40. We waited 'til like 8:15. There's no bus. So school starts at 8:30. So then that makes him late for school," explained Turner.

That meant she and her husband were forced to drive their son to Gregg Middle School. Turner says the inconvenience and uncertainty worried them.

"My child is autistic so he can't wait at a bus stop by himself. Someone has to be with him to wait for the bus. It's just not safe to be there by himself," said Turner.

Dorchester District 2 officials say a meeting held on Tuesday between officials and the bus company addressed Shirley Turner's complaint and several others.

While ABC News 4 couldn't reach anyone from Durham School Services for a comment, a school district spokeswoman says mechanical problems are to blame, and that bus company leaders are promising to make changes.

For now, some parents and students will need to wait a little longer to find out if those changes will make a difference.

"I think the transportation system has a certain responsibility," said Turner.