Autopsy of MMA fighter fails to determine cause of death

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- After almost two months, there are still no answers in what killed a mixed martial arts fighter after his bout last summer.

Charleston Coroner Rae Wooten says her "extensive forensic microscopic investigation on each of his organs" failed to find out what killed 30-year-old Tyrone Mims of Augusta, GA after a fight last August.

The mixed martial arts fight, called "Fight Night at the Point 6" was held by Conflict MMA Promotions and{} took place at the Omar Shrine Center at Patriots Point.

Wooten told ABC News 4 that there was no evidence of concussion in his brain that she could see, and his heart looked normal and healthy. The rest of his organs also appeared normal.

The coroner said the only thing it could have been was an "electrical malfunction" of his heart which would not show up in an autopsy.

Toxicology tests also came back as negative for any drugs in the fighter's system.

The official cause and manner of death is now "undetermined."