Baby still in critical condition; both parents now charged

Rachael Enciso in bond court Tuesday (Scott Garrand/WCIV)

By Nikki

Hanahan, S.C. (WCIV) Hanahan police on Thursday charged Rachael Enciso, 30, with unlawful conduct towards her child.{}The arrest comes less than a week after her boyfriend was arrested and charged.

Derek Stilson, 23, was charged with infliction of great bodily injury upon a child. On Thursday, he faced an additional charge, the same as his girlfriend.

Hanahan police say after the couple's 5-month-old son wouldn't stop crying last Tuesday, Stilson threw him down on the living room floor of their apartment, fracturing his skull, which caused bleeding behind his retinas and on the brain.

"We refuse to believe that Derek did this," said Joel Vaughan, Stilson's stepfather who lives in New Mexico as an ordained minister.

Vaughan says his family struggles with his stepson's recent arrest and grandson's life-threatening injuries.

"We're all just kind of really upset. We're most concerned about the baby. It's just horrible," he said.

Vaughn believes police pressured his stepson into a confession.

"We don't know exactly what took place in the house. We spoke to Derek several times from the jail," said Vaughan. "Derek's exact words were 'I did not do this. The police had me in a room, and they made me feel like I blacked out and did this while I was blacked out. Then they asked me if this was possible.' Derek said 'I guess it's possible.' That was the confession that the police got. He didn't say he did it," Vaughn said.

Police say Stilson waited two days after throwing his son to the floor to call 911. In the call, Stilson reported his son was experiencing shortness of breath.

"Your child's still conscious?" asked the dispatcher.

"He's perfectly awake," said a calm Stilson on the phone. "I've never seen him like this before."

The dispatcher then proceeded to tell Stilson that medics were on their way to the couple's Hanahan apartment.

"Are they just going to take him to a hospital or something?" asked Stilson on the phone.

The dispatcher replied that the medics would let him know once they arrived on scene. As of Thursday, Lt. Michael Fowler with Hanahan police says the baby remains in critical condition at Medical University Hospital.

Enciso was charged Thursday after further investigation by detectives.

"They discovered that there was a broken leg that had already started to heal and no treatment had ever been sought for that," Fowler said.

Relieved by Enciso's arrest, Vaughan says he wants police to give the couple a polygraph test.

"We want lie detector test for both of them to see who's really guilty. We refuse to believe Derek did this," he said. "We understand that if Derek did this he should pay for his crimes because this was a horrible thing."

Vaughan says the couple has been together for about three years and believes the mother may have played a larger role in his stepson's recent injuries.

The baby's mother faced a judge in bond court Friday morning in Moncks Corner. Stilson also faced a judge for the latest charge. Bond was set at $20,000 for each of them, adding to the bond Stilson already had.

If convicted, Enciso could face up to ten years in prison.