A survival guide for back-to-school shopping

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - August marks summer ending and back-to-school shopping beginning. It's the same drill every year: grab the cart, hit the aisles, and head to the section of the store that marks the spot.

Stores across the Lowcountry have stacked the shelves ready for the big back-to-school rush.

"Earlier is always better as we get deeper in the season," said Mount Pleasant's Target store team leader, John Moore. "Now is the best time to see the full assortment that we have to offer."

Lowcountry stores have back-to-school shoppers at the top of their lists and just in case you forget your own list, the stores have your back.

"We have lists for every school in the area that has specific items that are needed for each kid so they can start school off on the right foot," Moore said.

Having the exact list of what your child needs can also cut down on expenses in that you don't overbuy. Also to help pinch pennies, buying generic brands versus name-brands of school supplies can help cut your bill in half.

Back-to-school shopping is the second busiest season for retailers after Christmas. This weekend South Carolina celebrates it's sales tax holiday.

Back-to-school items that are tax free this weekend include clothes, computers, printers, and school supplies.

"We understand that these days everyone's budget is very much top of mine so this is a great assortment for our guests to come out and take advantage of the savings of the state," Moore said.

South Carolina's sales tax-free weekend runs Aug. 2 to Aug. 4.

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