Bank of America named in new Latham civil suit

CHARLESTON, S.C.(WCIV) - Bank of America and several unnamed employees have been named in a newlawsuit filed by Nancy Latham, the woman who was the focus of her estrangedhusband's alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Mrs. Latham's legal team filedsuit in Charlestonon Wednesday accusing Bank of America of failing to keep tabs on the buddingrelationship between her husband, Chris Latham, and his assistant, Wendy Moore.

Moore and Mr. Latham, as wellas three other people have been arrested and charged in connection to acontract killing plot that targeted Mrs. Latham.

The newest suit argues that Bankof America employees should have been aware of Mr. Latham and Moore'srelationship and the "imminent probability of harm to Mrs. Latham including amurder-for-hire plan."

During a federal bond hearingfor Mr. Latham earlier this week, federal agents testified that informationabout Mrs. Latham's life was printed by Mr. Latham and Moore at their Bank ofAmerica offices. That information, investigators contend, was turned into adossier for the hired killers.

The lawsuit accuses Bank ofAmerica of failing to "supervise and take reasonable steps concerning theactivity set forth."

The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitiveand actual damages, arguing that Mrs. Latham has suffered and will continue tosuffer financial losses due to the actions of her husband and Moore.

Police uncovered the case inApril during a traffic stop. Aaron Wilkinson was stopped trying to buy heroinin downtown Charleston.Once in police custody, he opened up, explaining that he was in town because hehad been hired by Mooreto kill Mrs. Latham.

He also implicated Moore's ex-husband,Samuel Yenawine, and Yenawine's girlfriend, Rachel Palmer.

The case against Yenawine wasdropped in June after he was found hanging in a Georgetown County Detention Centercell. Investigators called it a suicide, but his attorney argues he was killed.

The next court hearing forPalmer, Moore and Wilkinson is set for Aug. 27.