Bond set at $80,000 in Folly attempted murder case

Michael Metzler (CCSO)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) -- Folly beach police arrested a man after he reportedly beat another man over the head with a tire iron.

According to the police report, witnesses said the victim and the suspect got into a fight over a girl at Snapper Jack's on Center Street on Dec. 8. They told police that the suspect left, but came back and attacked the victim in the parking lot.

Several witnesses, including the band playing that night, told police they saw the attack.

The report states the victim "had his hands in the air, backing away from the suspect" before the suspect struck him in the head.

"The victim lost consciousness and fell to the ground motionless. The suspect then struck the defenseless victim a second time in the head," the report read.

Police arrested 29-year-old Michael Metzler on Wednesday. He is charged with attempted murder.

In bond court Wednesday night, Metzler's bond was set at $80,000.