Battery2Beach signs ready to guide the public

By Ava Wilhite

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) The first Battery2Beach signs are popping up in Charleston.

"We can get on our bikes and go to the Battery and we can go to the beaches. It's another cog in the wheel for the Charleston region" said Mount Pleasant Mayor Billy Swails.

The Battery2Beach project started four years ago with guidance from Charleston Moves, an organization dedicated to creating a bike-friendly region.

The project will create a bike route leading from the Battery to each of the area's beaches.

"It's a mile post in a long process. There is a long way to go," said Tom Bradford. "We've come a long way. Once it becomes a visible thing for the public it will be a very big deal. I think it will help keep the pressure on to get it done."

In the next three weeks, 27 Battery2Beach signs will be placed around town. There is a formula that decided where the signs will be placed.

"It was a rating formula that came up with an A to F scale of how good or bad it was to ride a bicycle on that particular road," said William Davis, civil engineering professor at the Citadel. He said streets were graded based off of traffic flow, pavement condition and speed of roadway.{}

"The signs are going on the places that are already acceptable, so Murray Boulevard, obviously the Cooper River ridge for example, East Bay Street and Morrison Drive with bike paths and bike lanes," Davis said.

From bike signs to bike share demonstrations, about 20 bike share stations are expected to pop up in the area next spring. The stations will allow people to rent bikes for the day.

Don Sparks, a Charleston Moves board member, said the bike share is already available in major cities and the Upstate.

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