Battery defenseman a model player on and off the field

DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCIV) -- In his third season with the Charleston Battery, former Gamecock Mark Wiltse is now coming into his own, playing a big part in holding opposing offenses in check and helping the Battery to their fast start.{}

"I would love to make it to the next level. All of us aspire to make the next level and the MLS. We want to have success. We have one title down, let's get another," said Wiltse.{}

Wiltse, however, is a bit different than the rest of the professional soccer players he plays alongside.

"It was definitely a bit strange at first, a bit uncomfortable with it at first to be honest but I'm getting used to it. I'm nagged by the guys but that is going to happen," he said.{}

Because when he leaves the practice field, Wiltse often goes to his other job as a model.{}

"Honestly, I thought it'd be simple. I take family photos all the time. You sit and smile. Give models a lot of credit; it's really difficult to look good in those type of photos. It definitely sounds strange, it took a little getting used to," Wiltse said.{}

There are no talent scouts out at Blackbaud Stadium looking for male models.{}

"We have a lot of time after practice, you know how moms are. My mom nagged me to do something about it. Gave it a try and I have had some success with it," said Wiltse.{}

He's certainly not the first professional soccer player to jump into the realm of modeling. David Beckham has found himself of the pages of plenty of magazines.

"Yea, but he gets a ton more for doing it," Wiltse said.{}

As far as his teammates thoughts on Wiltse's second career?{}

"I've seen some of the things he did. They're good. I think there are a few other guys in there that fancy themselves as well," said Nicki Patterson.{}

All players wanting to be the best, but there is only one best looking player.{}

"I guess they say that, I think some other guys would have something to say about that but it looks like he has a career after soccer with modeling," said John Wilson.{}

His goal in whatever he does is to be picture perfect.