Battle for the soles: What's best for your foot on race day?

By Ava Wilhite

Charleston, S.C. (WCIV) Thousands of runners will be hitting the pavement for the Cooper River Bridge Run on Saturday. Whether you are a seasoned runner or a novice, here are a few helpful tips on selecting the right shoe to wear during the race.

Carolyn Varndell, owner of The Foot Store in Mt. Pleasant said the most important thing when selection a shoe is getting the right size.

"The second is, is it comfortable?" said Varndell.

Varndell suggests picking a shoe to complement if you have a high arch or a low arch.

"If they have falling arches then you need a shoe with support," she said.

Varndell said at The Foot Store they are seeing a more educated shopper who's taking more responsibility with selecting a new shoe. This new shopper is also someone who wants to know the difference between a traditional running shoe and the minimal shoes that are growing in popularity.

"If your feet can handle minimal shoe, you will experience the foot moving more naturally. We've been selling the same about of minimal shoes for the past five years. We're starting to see the larger companies make models that have lower heels, which can have a similar feeling to the minimal shoes," said Varndell. {}

When it comes to sock choices Varndell said it's a personal preference, but she urges runners to stay away from cotton. "It doesn't wick away sweat, they can cause blisters and overall irritation," she said.{}

With the Bridge Run just around the corner Varndell suggests not changing brands or models right before the race.

"If it's the exact thing you have its okay to buy a new pair, but if you are changing models or changing companies, I would suggest you don't. It would not be my number one choice to make before the race," said Varndell.