Beautiful Bulldog Contest at The Citadel

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Johnson Hagood Stadium was filled with bulldogs Saturday afternoon. But it wasn't the bulldog mascots getting all of the attention. It was bulldogs dressed as an airplane and Marilyn Monroe.

It was part of the fourth annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest.

The money raised at the event will go toward a scholarship the Citadel Football Association offers and to take care of General 2 and Boo X.

"Our Citadel mascots are really a face of The Citadel," said organizer Margaret Carlisle. "They are at almost every athletic event. They go to away football games. Fans from other colleges love seeing them."

ABC News 4's Sports Director Scott Eisberg was one of the judges of the contest.

The winners were:

1.{}{}{}{}{} Overall - Princess Daisy 2.{}{}{}{}{} Runner-up - Brutus3.{}{}{}{}{} Best Physique - Maximus4.{}{}{}{}{} Best Tail - Nellie5.{}{}{}{}{} Best Smile - Luther6.{}{}{}{}{} Best Personality - Winston7.{}{}{}{}{} Miss Congeniality - Molly May