Behind the coach: Lane Stackley talks about life with Knights chief

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCIV) -- As Stratford High School heads for their second ever state football title game, news will focus a lot on the legendary head coach, Ray Stackley.

But to truly understand the coach, you have to know the woman who has been with him every step of the way -- his wife Lane.

Ray Stackley has been caring about the kids of Stratford High ever since it opened in 1982, and his biggest supporter is none other than his wife and best friends of more than 40 years.

"He purposefully ran into me in the high school and called me fresh, and then we kept running into each other on purpose," she said of their beginning.

And believe it or not, they still bump into each other in the high school hallways to this day. Lane Stackley works in the principal's office at Stratford for as long as her husband has been there.

But as Stratford looks for its second state title this weekend, Lane Stackley says her husband has mellowed with age, so to speak.

"The importance of things has shifted a lot. Bath then, he was very intense. Today it's about the grandbabies," she said. "He wouldn't have done that with our kids, but he sees the family is just as important, not that it ever was, he was building a career and sees what's important today."

And for the Stackley family, if they win the state title?

"Everyone is invited to a party at my house," she said. "There is nobody more blessed that Ray Stackley and I. Nobody."