Behind the Story: Digital dating in the Lowcountry

By Stacy

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- My assignment for this story was very simple: do somethingon people using apps and the Internet to date.

The idea intrigued me on severallevels. For one, I've seen many try online dating to a spectrum of results. But I've yet to meet that couple you see on the commercials - the one that smilesand says how Match or eHarmony worked.

I do believe these couples exist. But, Idon't know any of them.{}

The story also intrigued me with regard to "app dating." Ihave friends who've tried it - even those who rely on it - to meet people. Themain app they use is Tinder. But, it seems to be slow to spread in Charleston.That may be because the app a location-based tool and Charleston singles tendto be spread out among the entire tri-county area. No matter the reason, I wantedto find out more.

That brings me to the last reason it intrigued me: I haveknown too many friends who struggle in the dating field.

Is it Charleston? Isit an age? Is it that "more-girls-than-guys ratio" everyone always references?I decided to expand the topic to "what's it like dating in the Lowcountry?" andsee where it took me.

My story acts as a comprehensive answer - across gender,age and location in the Lowcountry. You'll meet a couple people who are trying their hand at digital dating.

The story airs at 6 p.m. on ABC News 4.

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