Berkeley Co. committee discusses middle school location

HUGER, S.C. (WCIV){} It's a touchy issue for some Berkeley County parents. Will a new middle school go on Daniel Island or closer to the Cainhoy-Huger area?

On Wednesday, a newly formed committee met at Cainhoy Middle to try and figure it out. It's the first of several more meetings to come.

The committee is made up of about 30 people from all walks of life. Some represent Daniel Island while others represent the Wando-Huger-Cainhoy area.

"I want to see the children get what they deserve," said Eric Snider, a committee member representing the Cainhoy-Huger area.

For the new middle school, Snider says he favors a centralized location.

"I think if you build the school in a neutral area where everyone is meeting in the middle spot -- it would not affect the people on Daniel Island, and it will not affect the people in the Huger-Wando area," said Snider.

Others on the committee say getting information from the district is crucial to making an informed location on the new school.

"I think there are a lot of questions that the committee has to have that will have to be drilled down and answered," said Andrea Kelly, a PTA member on Daniel Island.

Some homeowners say they were led to believe that the new middle school would be built on Daniel Island. Kelly says it all boils down to miscommunication.

"I, kind of, you know, wrongfully assumed," said Kelly. "I don't know if anyone was misleading."

Kelly says she's open to other locations besides Daniel Island.

"If there's a better option for my students and the other students that pay taxes in this area, and we can build a successful school elsewhere -- we need to explore it," said Kelly.

But no matter who represents what community, members say they plan to do what's in the best interest of the students.

"I think we need to come to come into this with an open mind and open hearts," said Snider.

By late November, members are expected to offer a location recommendation to the district's superintendent. Ultimately though, the board of education will have the final say on the location of the new middle school.