Berkeley Co. family without power uses car to stay warm

By Bill Burr

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- Many people were still without power in Berkeley County Thursday night, leaving many to resort to extreme measures to stay warm.

On Miami Street, conditions were anything but tropical. Temperatures were in the 30s.

Some homes have power, others do not.

"It's like the third time checking to see if the lights are on," said Stanley McIntyre. "It's just extremely cold in the house. You know without any power, the water heater's not working. So taking cold showers is just not a good feeling."

MyIntyre's home lost power around 3 p.m. Wednesday. For the second straight night in a row, he and his family are staying warm in their Chrysler 300.

"Just doubling up on blankets. And just coming back and forth trying to stay out of the house. Stay inside the car. Keeping the heat - keeping the car running," he said.

McIntyre's neighbors are also feeling the inconvenience of this winter's fury.

"The hotels are sold out, you know. I had to go stay with my brother and his lights was out also," said Tanya Houston. "But he had a kerosene heater. So that kind of helped us out. So basically that's what I gotta do again."

For now, the McIntyres look to themselves and satellite radio for companionship while looking ahead to power being restored to the home.

"I think sometimes when things like this happen, you forget how blessed you are to have lights and water," McIntyre said. "Basic necessities - you forget about them until you get in a time like this and it's just cold."




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