Berkeley County implements action base learning

By Lia

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCIV) - We know to exercise for our health, but what about exercising for your brain? A pilot proram is being tested in several Berkeley County schools to get kids up and moving and mentally fit.

At Sangaree Intermediate School Monday, third grader Tyleiah Heyward couldn't wait for her favorite class - Action Base Learning Lab.

"When you work out and go back in your classroom you are focusing ten times harder than you were when you weren't working out," she said.

The lab combines physical activity with classroom lessons. Students spend 30 minutes a week in going through the stations in minute intervals.

This workout session is not to be confused with PE class and it's not supposed to take its place. Anna Osgood said the purpose is to help recharge students in a positive way.

"When you come in here and get on the equipment, you are activating your brain while you are looking at the TV screens with math," she said. "Teachers put science or social studies, whatever they want to review extra in their classroom."

Teachers give their power point topics to Osgood to play on the screens.

For students like Brandon Nelson, the class helps him be more attentive in the classroom.

"It helps me understand things faster because I focus more."

The program is modeled after Charleston County School District's Action Base Learning program.

The schools that have implemented it so far are Devon Forest, Sangaree Intermediate, and College Park Elementary.