Berkeley county intersection getting much-needed traffic light

By Sonya

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) -- The intersection of Highway 176 and Cane Bay Boulevard in Berkeley County is expected to get a much-needed traffic light later this year.

David Williams, who lives in Cane Bay Plantation, has become a spokesperson for the community.

"It's very, very dangerous," said Williams. "There have been numerous accidents there, there has been a fatality there. My wife actually got involved in an accident there several weeks ago and two days later, two accidents happened there again on the same day."

These reasons, along with the safety of the students and parents, are why he has been fighting to get the traffic light put up.

"This light should have been in prior. If it was up to me it would go in today," said Williams. "Every day that goes by, in my opinion, is an opportunity for another accident or another fatality."

But the good news is, that according to SC DOT, the traffic light is scheduled to be installed in Septemberone month after school starts.

"Thank God that it's finally going to happen sooner than later and unfortunately everything that we have been hearing is later and later," said Williams. "If it happens in September, I will be grateful, but I'll also be surprised because we have had so many promises."

The original date for the traffic light was March 2013, but fortunately it has been moved up to September.

The pre-construction meeting for the project is Wednesday, June 13th.


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