Yes 4 Schools supporters gather for pep rally in Berkeley County

BERKELEY, S.C. (WCIV) Supporters of the Yes 4 Schools campaign gathered in Berkeley County Monday afternoon for two pep rallies.{}

Both rallies were held at churchesone at the Calvary Church of God in Goose Creek and one in Moncks Corner at Moncks Corner AME Church.{}

The pep rallies featured performances, speakers and multimedia presentations in support of the Berkeley County School Improvement Referendum.{}

The referendum aims to help alleviate overcrowding in Berkeley County schools.{}{}{}

School officials say there are 1,000 new students coming into the system every year and there is nowhere for them to go, forcing them to add more and more trailers to accommodate all the new students.{}

If passed, the plan would build new schools in the county, as well as expand the existing schools by adding on additional buildings and learning space.{}

Patrick Hayes, director of Education First South Carolina, says the referendum is necessary for the children.

"It's an important measure that's going to build new schools that we badly need," Hayes said. "We've been adding a thousand new students every year -- and we have nowhere to put them. And it's time to take action."{}

Hayes said the Improvement Plan would cost taxpayers in the county about 11 cents a day but will be money well spent.