Beryl's bark worse than its bite

By Tessa

MOUNT PLEASANT, S. C. (WCIV)- Downgraded to just a tropical depression, Beryl didn't leave the Lowcountry without causing some major inconveniences.

From power outages to fallen trees, the watered-down weather event left its mark.

One North Charleston family was awakened Tuesday night by a loud boom followed by a car alarm. They rushed outside to find that part of a tree had fallen on top of a car parked in the driveway.

"I was scared and shocked. I tried to climb over the trees to get to my mom's car and I tried to back it out but I couldn't,"{}said Brittany Gadsden of Torgerson Avenue.

With the threat of any storm that brings torrential rain, flooding is always an issue.

Laura Cabiness, Director of Public Service for the City of Charleston, says that flooding prevention is non-stop.

"We're working year round to keep the drainage ways clean and if we tried to wait before an event it would be nearly impossible to do the work we need to do."

If you live in the city of Charleston, you can report flooding in your neighborhood by{}calling 843-724-3467.