Bill would require mandatory reporting of abuse

By Ava

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) --{} A proposed law would make it mandatory for anyone who knows about any kind of child abuse or neglect to report it or face criminal charges.

Currently in South Carolina, only certain people are required to report sexual abuse or neglect, but state Rep. Peter McCoy says that needs to change.

McCoy said Wednesday this is a bill that did not get passed last year but it's crucial to get it passed in the next session. The bill would require people with first-hand knowledge of abuse to report it.{}

McCoy said he did get a lot of support for this bill because of the Skip ReVille case.

"The Citadel put us on the map for this type of legislation and once this bill was filed last year, I had huge support. Whether it be from democrats or whether it's from republicans this isn't a partisan issue, this is something everyone can get behind," said McCoy.{}

The consequences of not reporting abuse are still being worked out.{} It would be a misdemeanor charge and punishment could range from jail time to a fine.

Currently 19 states have a law that requires mandatory reporting of abuse.