Black lab recovering after rescue from canal

Two people fishing found the dog in this Georgetown canal, bound with duct tape. (Chris Hauff/WCIV)

By Natalie

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCIV) -- Sixteen-year-old Ambria Grooms went fishing with her cousin Monday at a canal and was surprised to hear something splashing in the water. The teen said it sounded much bigger than a fish.

It was a dog, and a closer look from Grooms resulted in shock.

"His face was duct taped shut and mouth and his front legs were duct taped and his back legs," Grooms said. "It looked like it had been beat or shot."

The teenager called rescuers, who lowered a ladder into the canal and pulled the dog out. They rushed her to Saint Frances Animal Center Monday night. Executive director Wendy Goude got the call this morning that the dog had survived.

"How someone could do this to a living being, I can't even fathom the thought. It's heartbreaking," Goude said.

Even Harborwalk Veterinary Hospital's veterinarian Sherri Duncan, who treated the dog on Tuesday, was shaken up by what the dog had gone through.

"I do see a lot of abuse and neglect cases, unfortunately, but this scenario takes the cake. I've never heard of anything like this, and I can't imagine somebody doing anything like that to an animal," Duncan said.

The marks from the tape were still visible on her paws Tuesday and the wound on her head still bled. But, the veterinarian and shelter director say they're giving her plenty of love and attention. They've also given her a new name.

"Dara is after the 45-year-old Olympic hopeful that's on the swim team," Goude said.

Pet Helpers of Charleston is starting a $200 reward fund in the case with hopes the community will help reach a $1,000 goal. Anyone with information should contact the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office.