Blocks of Love for the victims and families in Newtown

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) - For "Blocks of Love" organizer Colin Skinner, the tragic school shooting in Newtown hit too close to home.

"Being from Blacksburg, Va., I had experience with the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007, and I'm a woodworker and I naturally started thinking about kindergarten children and I liked playing with blocks and stuff like that.{} I just got this idea of people writing their wishes on blocks because I want it to be a gift to children that can be played with, not just a message but also a physical thing," said Skinner.

For just $1, people can purchase a block at Wonder Works in Mount Pleasant and write a personal message to the community in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Art Bus Project provided arts and crafts for kids to decorate the blocks.

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